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Raymond Schaefer, AIA/NCARB

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Andrew Hamilton, RA

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Jacqueline Holubek, IIDA

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Dominic Pelonio

Raymond Schaefer, AIA / NCARB

An Architect, Creative Director & Founder of Gravity Architecture + Design as well as an Illinois Institute of Technology Graduate with a BArch - yes he loves Mies Van der Rohel! Raymond has two children - his daughter is a Johns Hopkins Graduate and his son his a scholarship NCAA D1 golfer - and a lovely wife - who has her graduate degree from Northwestern but is more proud of being a graduate of The University of Iowa! - Raymond loves Mexican food and all things Chicago (go White Sox!). His favorite teams are the Indiana Pacers, Indiana Men's Basketball (yes, he even has a pair of candy stripe warm up pants), 76ers, and Mount Golf. He lives on the course at Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill but does not own a set of golf clubs. His favorite restaurants are: O Ya Boston, Lalo's Chicago & Nipper's Bahamas. When Raymond is not working, you can catch him watching his favorite movies involving Nic Cage, National Treasure, Hoosiers, Top Gun, Caddyshack and Slap Shot, or listening to ALOT of Elvis with a healthy mix of Kenny Chesney or Sir Mix Alot! If not an architect, Raymond would be a NBA player - even though he's slow, can't jump and is a tad short. Moving to work, his favorite project moments are - Sitting with his wife and Rich Melman at the opening of FoodLife in Chicago drinking way too many Tequila Sunrises and working with Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie on Elvids Presley's Memphis - and having them say "Elvis would have loved this place" while Jewel played the opening party!

Personal Statement:
I am lucky enough to work with talented staff on projects small and large, high and low budget, national brands and local start-ups while always reminding myself I really just draw pictures with my box of crayons!  It is our clients and the overall team along with us that create the final experience for our guests to enjoy. We hope to create destinations that are successful – not ones that just look great!

Jacqueline Holubek, IIDA

Jacqueline is the associate principal / director of Interior Design & Guest Experience. She was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and went to school at The Art Institute of Colorado in Denver. She is a self titled "girl mom" of her "almost" Irish twins, Adelyn and Olivia, and she's been married for almost a decade. Devoted to her family traditions, she loves to visit family on their favorite lake in Iowa for the 4th of July. A lover of Mexican food and all things spicy - some of her favorite restaurants are Anything FUN! and Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar. Work aside, her favorite movies are - depending on her mood - a good thriller - The Talented Mr. Ripley, or a love story - Cocktail. Jacqueline says that if she was not an interior designer she would be a photo journalist as she "always loves a good photo and the story behind it".

One fun fact about Jacqueline, she was raised in the restaurant business - herself and family traveled as a family of 5 all over the place looking at new concepts. She was inspired by her dads passion for what he did - he was always working but never seemed like it- he was just having fun and loving what he was doing! It was exactly what she wanted to find one day - which is why she followed her instinct and moved to Orlando to pursue her career in hospitality.

Andrew Hamilton, RA

Principal, Architect and Director of Architecture & Planning for Gravity Architecture + Design. Andrew graduated from the University of Florida with a masters in Architecture. A Gainesville, Florida native, Andrew has spent some years traveling abroad, he even met his wife in Haiti during post-earthquake relief where they now enjoy two adorable young daughters. Andrew believes that his love of traveling and his time abroad varied his experiences heavily from his design outlook. A fan of the Florida Gators and New Orleans Saints but as a news junkie he most closely follows the political arena. His favorite movies and TV shows are Gladiator, Life is Beautiful, The Expanse and Arrested Development.

Andrew's favorite project moment is sitting in the balcony of Legends in Concert Theater at OWA and watching the audience excited and enjoying the space at its grand opening sticks out the most intensely in his mind. Overall, anytime he goes into one of the projects I worked on and sees people having a good time, its such an uplifting experience.

Dominic Pelonio

Dominic is Gravity's Director of Graphics and Computer Visualization. Born in the Philippines, he moved to Tennessee when he was 14 and then finally to Florida when he was 27. Dominic loves his sandwiches cut diagonally, and sneezes when he stares at the sun (yes it's a real thing - Google Search: Photosneezia). An avid "sneaker head" with over 150 pairs of sneakers in his collection, but sticks to flip flops.... well because Florida. Dominic loves cars, currently the proud owner of his 2019 WRX and is working his way up to a STI. His favorite foods include Tonkotsu ramen, Jollibee (filipino fast food) panang curry duck to name a few. Dominic loves to travel to Toronto, espeically in the winter time and enjoys music from Thievery Corporation and anything 80's or 90's classic rock. He originally wanted to study game design buty ended up in Architecture. He belives it worked out for the best as he never wants to make his hobby his occupation.

His favorite projects thus far is actually a tie. Hail + Hog was his first major project that he got to work on, he saw the design process from working with the interior designer, architect and client. He believes it was so rewarding. Apart from Hail + Hog, Dominic loved working with The Glass Knife - apart from it being a great project to work on, it's local and he gets to visit their whenever he can. He's so proud of apart of his work, he takes his family and friends there whenever they come to visit.