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Gian Protano

Gian is a Senior Architectural Specialist at Gravity Architecture & Design. Born and raised in New England, Gian had his goals set from the start and always knew he wanted to apply what he loved towards a professional career. After gaining knowledge of the industry up north and attending college at Roger Williams University to study Architecture & Graphic Design, he ultimately left his home state of Rhode Island behind to pursue new a new life in Orlando. A Rhode Islander by nature and a Floridian by heart, he’s always ready to kick back with a tropical shirt on his back and a drink in his hand. Despite being born in the year 2000, Gian is an old soul who, in his head, is perpetually stuck in the 80s and 90s thanks to his parents who introduced him to much of the media he consumes today. Years of listening to Duran Duran and Madonna while growing up have had a permanent influence on him, and he’s often on the hunt for vinyl records and other physical media of times past.


Gian’s passion for design stems from the unconventional. He always strives to stray away from traditional, predictable design tropes as a challenge to himself and those around him. Even when he’s not working, he often spends much of his free time drawing for fun. Experiential design is a concept that has always intrigued him, made evident by some of his earliest childhood sketches. He was always playing around with designing physical spaces, laying out floor plans and designing facades for fictional theme parks. There was always something fascinating about using a physical space to transport people to another part of the world, or in some cases, a different world entirely. “Less is more” is a phrase that usually goes right over his head, and the hospitality industry is the perfect playground to exercise his own creative skills using the nuanced design tactics that originally drew him in.

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