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Cecelia Baumann

Cecelia is the Associate Principal of Interiors at Gravity Architecture & Design. She is a Savannah College of Art and Design graduate earning a BFA in interior design. As much as Cecelia loves living and working in Florida, she will always be a Jersey Girl at her core. Born and raised in Central New Jersey, she is on a constant quest to find the perfect bagel, slice of pizza, and deli sandwich locally. While Florida offers some strong competitors, nothing quite compares to her beloved New Jersey...yet.


Cecelia’s creative passion started at an early age. Surrounded by a creative family with a mom who runs her own decorative painting business and a dad who does freelance photography, there was always some creative project in the works. Family is especially important to Cecelia, so she often finds time to visit them in New Jersey, Virginia, and Chicago. Who doesn’t love an excuse to travel! When Cecelia is not working, you can find her checking out the best, most exciting new restaurants in the area, probably at happy hour with a margarita in her hand if not she could be hanging out outside, preferably at the beach (but only before the extraneous Florida heat kicks in!) Cecelia also continues to embrace her creativity after hours through painting. 


Her first home away from home was Savannah, Georgia, where she was lucky enough to spend four years exploring such a beautiful historic city. There she was exposed to such great Southern hospitality. Being encompassed by Savannah’s wide variety of culinary cuisines has been super influential to her career. Some of her favorite restaurants and bars included the Little Duck Dinner, Savannah Tequila Company, The Olde Pink House, and The Bamboo Tiki Room. 

Cecelia has always appreciated all aspects of design. But it was not until she started working at Gravity that her true passion for hospitality design emerged, and now she can’t get enough of it! Because of this, she loves traveling because nothing beats seeing new restaurants and bars firsthand to gain insightful knowledge that she can use in her designs. Cecelia loves working at Gravity because of the broad range of projects that she gets to work on. Whether it’s a coffee shop, a steak house, or a tiki bar oasis, she loves using her creative abilities for various designs. 

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