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Dominic Pelonio

Dominic is Gravity's Director of Graphics and Computer Visualization. Born in the Philippines, he moved to Tennessee when he was 14 and then finally to Florida when he was 27. Dominic loves his sandwiches cut diagonally, and sneezes when he stares at the sun (yes it's a real thing - Google Search: Photosneezia). An avid "sneaker head" with over 150 pairs of sneakers in his collection, but sticks to flip flops.... well because Florida. Dominic loves cars, currently the proud owner of his 2019 WRX and is working his way up to a STI. His favorite foods include Tonkotsu ramen, Jollibee (filipino fast food) panang curry duck to name a few. Dominic loves to travel to Toronto, especially in the winter time and enjoys music from Thievery Corporation and anything 80's or 90's classic rock. He originally wanted to study game design but ended up in Architecture. He believes it worked out for the best as he never wants to make his hobby his occupation.

His favorite projects thus far is actually a tie. Hail + Hog was his first major project that he got to work on, he saw the design process from working with the interior designer, architect and client. He believes it was so rewarding. Apart from Hail + Hog, Dominic loved working with The Glass Knife - apart from it being a great project to work on, it's local and he gets to visit their whenever he can. He's so proud of apart of his work, he takes his family and friends there whenever they come to visit.

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