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Paloma Peraza

Paloma has been passionate about interiors since she can recall. Whenever a movie was playing, she would pay more attention to the set rather than the plot. Staying at a hotel, nitpicking what she saw to unerstand how it all came together. Dining out, picking out a restaurant by its interior, only to return if the menu was outstanding, the music was on point and most importantly, a perfectly cooked medium rare steak and a well-crafted Gold Rush with a splash of club soda. 

Raised in Puerto Rico and the oldest of seven children, Paloma learned from an early age to be resilient, resourceful and team focused. With a few degrees under her belt, she offers a multidisciplinary approach to interior design. Influenced by history, art, movies, ancient structures, architecture, and travel, she enjoys designing in a variety of styles and creating unique propositions for lasting interior impressions. 


Does she listen to reggaeton? Not if she can help it. Otherwise, she prefers alternative music and classic rock, both in English and Spanish. It rocks to be bilingual, watching Shrek in Spanish is priceless. On her time off you can find her on a beach picking up trash, touring breweries with her husband and puppies, restoring furniture, visiting museums, gardening, reading about real estate news, designing fashion accessories, and lots of home DIY. Or, simply learning something new. Always. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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