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Chad Tramonte

Chad is passionate about architectural design and outside the box thinking. He obtained his BFA in architecture, graduating a year early from Savanah College of Art & Design. Chad has always been a creative thinker, but it was at SCAD where he truly felt that it could be utilized. He ultimately found inspiration in architects like Friedrick Hundertwasser, Bjarke Ingels, and Anthony Goudy. These architects further drove his appreciation of all things architecture. 


 In his spare time, Chad enjoys drawing, discovering new bits of information, building/painting miniatures, and traveling the world. His passions lie within the ideals of workability in cities, missing middle infrastructure, and creative expression - no matter the outlet. It is his belief that social spaces and safe transit can improve the lives of all, even those who do not think they would receive direct benefit. As a social species, human nature should be reflected in architectural design, promoting harmony for all.

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