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Phase I

Ride The Maverick Wave


The focus of Phase I is to gain insight into the Client’s requirements, goals and objectives. 


Investigate existing information, internal client requirements, vision and constraints, Client provided concept data, limitations and other program information.

Provide a collaborative initial process to get the look and feel concept identified. Develop visual and narrative design plan concepts and ideas for review with Ownership team.

Provide conceptual support and direction on flow, layout, graphics, décor, lighting, finishes, furniture and overall concept direction.

Attend several (up to 2), internal team meetings.

Produce initial concept work as follows:

Floor Plans/related baseline Equipment/Furniture/Flow Plans (Interior/Exterior)

Coordinate and integrate kitchen preli
minary designs for scale/flow. o Initial visual studies from Guest perspectives

Mood Booklets with Preliminary food and beverage menu layouts for concept purposes


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